PILATES GONE GRAY! Challenge Online

You’re not as young as you used to be. Phew! You can’t–and don’t want to–exercise like your kids. But you DO want to feel energetic, healthy and vibrant.

Welcome to the Pilates Gone Gray! ONLINE Fitness Challenge. You need an exercise plan that gives you more energy instead of wearing you out. You want to quickly recover from injuries–and keep from reinjuring yourself. You want a more active lifestyle that helps you keep up with your friends, kids, or grandkids. And you don’t want it to take tons of time.

In the past, incorporating a regular exercise plan into your life hasn’t exactly worked out. You haven’t been able to:

  • form a lasting habit
  • figure out what works for a more mature body
  • work towards long-term health instead of short-term fixes
  • weed through the overwhelming amount of (conflicting) advice for women over 50

I’ve been working with women over 50 in my Pilates studio for 15 years. In that time, I’ve developed fitness programs that help my clients achieve those precise goals. My clients exercise regularly, have more energy, fewer injuries, and greet the day with a smile much more often.

My clients have discovered The Art of Going Gray.

In this 6-week ONLINE program, you’ll learn The Art of Going Gray too. We harness the discipline of Pilates with my signature Pilates class, Pilates Gone Gray! to help you reach your own personal fitness goals and start an exercise habit that sticks.

JOIN NOW! Class Begins October 10, 2016

This class made me feel LESS old!! Betsy has a real gift for that. She shares her experiences and is very encouraging. She promotes a sense of openness and acceptance of our changing bodies.

I liked the way Betsy modified exercises according to my abilities…this got me over the hump that had been preventing me from exercising. I was afraid to start in again and discover I couldn’t do it like I used to, and get discouraged, or be the old slow poke in a class of younger women.

I would love to take Betsy’s class again.
– Heather Steliga

This is NOT your daughter’s exercise program.
The Art of Going Gray and Pilates Gone Gray Online! are just for you, a busy, smart, determined woman over 50 who has places to go, things to do. A woman who wants the energy and vitality to thrive.

You will:

  • Receive a different 20-30 minute video workout in your email box each week to practice on your own
  • Create your very own, personalized fitness plan – one that works for YOUR body
  • Incorporate 6 must-have exercise components into your personalized fitness plan
  • Apply simple tips and techniques to make sure you stay consistent and on track
  • Add 5 simple, health-full actions into your daily routine to up your energy and keep you moving
Judy1-165Betsy’s clarity, knowledge, exceptional teaching abilities and her wit make each session a unique, fun experience! I love Pilates!
– Judy Phillips
What’s Included in this 100% ONLINE program

Before the class begins I’ll send you your Pilates Gone Gray! Challenge Welcome Packet covering everything you’ll need to know to create a successful fitness program in 6 weeks.

Before class starts you’ll also receive an invitation to schedule a 10-15 minute phone consultation with me. This will not only help you crystallize your goals, but it will help me personalize your experience along the way.

On Monday, October 10, 2016 you’ll receive your first of 6 weekly emails with the link to a 20-30 minute workout video for you to practice on your own.

You’ll also receive a small homework assignment (I promise it will only take 15-30 minutes) to help you create your personalized fitness plan.

I’ll be sending you email support several times a week to keep you on track along with tips to help you succeed as you build a fun, effective fitness plan.

You’ll also have the option to share your experience in our private Discussion Group.  I’ll be there cheering you on and you’ll have the support of others taking the course.

As a BONUS during week 6, you will receive a 20-30 minute Pilates Gone Gray! video to download and continue to use as part of your fitness plan.

Betsy is an inspiration. She brings out the best in people. The fact is, I didn’t exercise regularly until I met Betsy and now I want to be my strongest self.
– Toni Apgar


  • WEEK 1:  6 Important Exercise Components For Every Woman Over 50
  • WEEK 2:  How to Create A Fitness Habit That Sticks – The Secret Sauce
  • WEEK 3:  5 Simple, Healthful Actions For Your Daily Routine
  • WEEK 4:  What About Cardio?  What’s Hot, What’s Not
  • WEEK 5:  Design An Exercise Plan That Works For YOU!
  • WEEK 6:  A Moving Life – Where To Go From Here

Your Investment

Individual training with me at this level of support would cost you over $1200.

In this program you will receive:  

  • a 15 minute personalized phone consultation with me
  • 6 weekly video workouts and 1 downloadable video to keep 
  • 6 weekly action handouts to create your personalized fitness plan
  • email support for the duration of the program 
  • access to a private Pilates Gone Gray! Discussion Group 
  • LIFETIME access to all 6 weekly videos and course materials

all for $495

It’s time to finally create a fitness program that works for you and with you. It’s time to finally understand your unique fitness needs. And it’s time to learn how to keep a fitness habit for life. So click below to register for the Pilates Gone Gray!ONLINE Challenge.

Class starts October 10,2016. Registration is limited to 10 participants to assure you get personal support. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to rev up your life!

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