Gift Giving Guide 2017

Gift Giving Guide 2017

2017 has been the year that my coaching changed dramatically.  I have come to believe and teach that deep health goes well beyond fitness and includes great nutrition and healthy habits. 

You’ll find this new approach reflected in the gift guide and I hope you’ll enjoy it! It includes a few of my favorites, all products that I use and love.  

Whether you’re looking for a gifts for friends, family members or for ideas to add to YOUR holiday wish list, you’ll find something here for the fitness lover in your life.

2018 Gift Giving Guide1. Fitbit Alta HR

I have cooled my love of activity monitors over the years.  But the Alta HR has a low profile, counts steps and I love that it measures my heart rate. It’s the first monitor I’ve worn consistently for over a year and a good reminder to get moving every day.

2.  Xizozu Honor Medals

Created by my dear friend and artist, Christine Glade, XIZOZU™ Medals of Honor let you recognize all of the unique experiences of your life. I have several and wear them to remind myself of my hopes and dreams and to remember the strength I have to overcome adversity.  They are MAGIC.

3.  Devotions by Mary Oliver

A strong cup of coffee by the wood stove, a cat on my lap and a few poems from Mary Oliver help to start my day off right. As someone who is used to checking email and news before coffee, this has really changed how I face the day.

4.  Instant Pot

I’m not one for kitchen gadgets, but this is a keeper, as long as you have room to store it!  Soups and stews in a fraction of the time it would take you using your stove and so much more.  Makes cooking in batches to freeze a snap.

5.  MELT Soft Body Foam Roller

Foam rollers aren’t news to anyone. But the MELT foam roller is my ‘go to’ for many of my clients.  Originally designed for use with The MELT Method of controlling chronic pain, it’s the softest roller around and great for those who find traditional rollers painfully hard.

6.  Tucketts Pilates Socks

A new brand of toe socks with sticky bottoms for your yoga or Pilates practice.  Always a great stocking stuffer!

7.  5 Minute Journal

How many times have I started a journal only to let it slide after a short while?  The 5 Minute Journal is lovely. I am usually a skeptic, but I’m amazed at the way taking just 5 minutes each morning to journal has helped me be more present, more grateful each and every day

Let me know how you like this gift guide by commenting below!  And my best wishes to you for a peaceful holiday season.

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p.s.  I am NOT an affiliate of any of the companies listed in the gift guide.  I just love these products and wanted to share them with you!


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