It Must Be My Hormones!

It Must Be My Hormones!


I am excited to announce that I am now a contributor to the brand new website It Must Be My Hormones.  

And I invite you to take a look at my first contribution to the site:  ‘6 Important Health and Fitness Practices After Menopause’.

It Must Be My Hormones was developed to give both women and men an accessible and approachable source of unbiased information to help them understand their hormonal health. Not only is it a platform for education, information, insight and ideas, it is also a place for readers to share their own experiences.

It Must Be My Hormones is also the lifestyle site for the Marian Gluck Clinic, a world-leading clinic specializing in hormone balancing for optimal health with offices in London, Malta and Milan.

This site promises to be a great resource so be sure to bookmark it and check out their Facebook page.


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