Something Is Better Than Nothing

Something Is Better Than Nothing


How many times have you said, “I’ll get back into an exercise routine when _____________________.”?

I don’t know about you but I’ve probably said this dozens of times in my life.  However, the times when all the stars are aligned so that my life is totally on track and without complications and challenges are few.I’ll get back into an exercise routine when…

  • I lose some weight.
  • I’m less busy at work.
  • My parents are settled.
  • I feel less tired.
  • The holidays are over.
  • Birthdays are done.
  • The weather gets better
  • I have more money
  • I start eating better

Etc., etc., etc.

In life, no matter what you plan, stuff will always happen to derail you.

I understand. It can seem impossible to exercise, eat right, stay active when life throws challenges at you.

And when life is throwing you the inevitable curve balls, the idea of being able to start over feels good.

Thinking about a fresh start is reassuring. You know, I’ll start a diet Monday, bring on the chocolate cake today!

None of this is not news to you. But here’s the thing you may not have thought of.

What you practice is what you get good at.

So when you say “I’ll get back into an exercise routine when _____________________.” then you are practicing taking health and fitness breaks or pauses in your life.

And we’ve all gotten really good at it.

So what if you looked at life a little differently.

What if you learned the skill of staying active and fit in the context of all of life’s ups and downs?

Why not adopt the mantra that says “Something Is Better Than Nothing.” In other words when life challenges you, dial the health and fitness back, but don’t stop.

Some Examples:

  • You are having to stay late at work for an important project and are missing your regular exercise. So you think about it and decide that you’ll try to use the stairs at work to get some extra activity.
  • You’re really tired and feel like you don’t have one bit of energy left for exercise. How about you take a walk and commit to 5minutes. If after 5 minutes you feel you want to stop, fine. Otherwise, go another 5 minutes.
  • Thanksgiving is around the corner and you have 15 people coming for dinner. How about you organize a group walk on Turkey Day?
  • The weather isn’t great for exercising outside. Go to an indoor mall and walk the length of it a couple of times while you window shop.

You get the idea.

See your life as A Moving Life, one that incorporates activity into every day. Adjust to the circumstances and don’t beat yourself up.

Try to see life as an ebb and flow of more or less activity. Try not to see exercise as one of the chores you have to fit into your life.

It’s so much easier this way. You’ll stay active, be more consistent and feel better about yourself because of it.


Do you put your fitness/exercise on pause when life gets complicated?  And how can you incorporate movement in your life even when life throws you curve balls?

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