Work With Me in Vermont


I love to teach movement! It makes me smile when a client tells me that they have noticed how much easier life has become.

There is nothing better than to see the pride and confidence that comes from being strong and fit. Let’s work together, in person!

I offer two options for those traveling to my studio:


Pilates Gone Gray! – My signature workshop for anyone over 50! Includes strength, flexibility, agility, balance and posture work. This is the class that will change how you think and feel about going gray!

Pilates Classic- A traditional Pilates class for anyone familiar with the Pilates repertoire. Intermediate level.

Gentle Pilates (email me for availability) – For those needing a modified approach to Pilates due to physical challenges or for those just completing physical therapy or overcoming illness.


Private Coaching

1:1 Private Pilates Sessions – Using Pilates small apparatus and mat work – tailored to your unique goals. Meet once or twice a week and see results fast!

  • Pilates gone gray