I’m Betsy Ogden, founder of the Art of Going Gray


I help women over 50 create the kind of health that allows them to lead energetic, productive third acts through online and in-person nutrition and fitness coaching.

I believe, with all my heart, that the years after 50 are full of promise. And I know that it takes a foundation of health to take advantage of everything life has to offer.


Who I am


I  am a dancer, Pilates practitioner, personal trainer, physical therapist, movement educator and a women’s health and nutrition coach. I’ve spent over 30 years coaching women as they navigate the years after 50. My greatest joy is to help women like you find the kind of deep health that comes with nourishing and moving your body with love and caring so that you can live your best life.

I love strong black coffee and my goofy yellow lab, Sunny. I have a penchant for hiking above tree line whenever and where ever I can and I never turn down a piece of chocolate cake.

Where it all started

The Art of Going Gray, was born from my belief that the journey to health, to having strength and pride in ourselves as we age, as we ‘go gray’, is like creating a one of a kind work of art. It requires bravery, experience, patience, flexibility, sense of humor, wisdom and trust to come to fruition.

My Story

I’ve been active all my life. The truth is that from an early age I was lucky to be wired with a love for movement. But it hasn’t all been smooth sailing. Along the way, I have learned some challenging lessons about what it means to be truly healthy.

A serious back injury, menopause, breast cancer and inching my way to 60 I felt like my health was out of control. I had no idea how how take back my wellbeing and confidence, to feel like I was living life from a place of physical, mental and emotional strength. I was scattered and unsure and set myself back often until I learned that the key was to move every day, to listen to and nourish my body, to be patient, and to progress slowly and consistently.

Betsy is supportive and always answers my questions quickly. With her help I’ve overcome old eating habits and I’ve learned to listen to my body.
— Diana- teacher, runner

the power of coaching

I believe in the power of coaching because I’ve experienced it’s benefits firsthand.

At various times in my life I’ve worked with a life coach, nutrition coach and fitness coach and I can say that it has been with their guidance that I made the most lasting positive changes in my life. With them I was able to avoid overwhelm and gain an understanding of how to take care of myself with confidence and compassion.

I’ve learned that ‘healthy’ is a way of life, a practice. That consistent, small changes over time are the ticket to self-satisfaction. And that there is no more important work than to create your own unique path to health and wellbeing


My Secret Sauce

I have a host of coaching experience and training, but what sets me apart from so many other coaches, my ultimate secret sauce, is that I have been where you are right now. I have lived the same challenges as I’ve grown older and can offer you the insight and understanding that can only come with knowing the territory.  

It’s my mission and passion to help you find the kind of health that will ensure you spend the next 30+ years feeling your best and living a life you love.

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