Your Moving Life


Getting older is a challenge.

But there’s no denying. Time marches on.

Because you’re a baby boomer, I have no doubt you’re determined to make your “third act” purposeful and active. We are a generation of ‘do-ers’ and that doesn’t stop as we age.

Whether you are continuing to work, traveling or learning a new skill, the challenge we face in our 50’s, 60’s and beyond is to stay healthy and fit so we can enjoy our lives and contribute to the world.

But how? We see our bodies change right before our eyes, as our middles get thicker and our muscles get smaller. Joints creak and aches and pains are a near daily occurrence and injuries seem to pop up more often. We have bones to keep healthy and injuries and illnesses to deal with.

So what’s a woman to do? Spending long hours at the gym is so over and who wants to do that anyway?

Create what I call a Moving Life.

  • A Moving Life is one in which activity is natural part of your day. And if you’ve been pretty sedentary or even a weekend warrior, you’ll really benefit from these tips.

  • Choose to move each and every day. Climb stairs, park further away, do household chores, walk the dog, work in the garden etc.

  • Improve mobility and flexibility by Include bending, kneeling, reaching, lifting, pushing and pulling in your daily activities. Don’t be afraid to use your joints and muscles. Challenge yourself to stay mobile. Squat down to that lowest shelf at the grocery store, reach on tippy-toes into that high cupboard. Put on some music and move to the beat. Unless you have pain, keep trying new ways of moving that you might have slowly dismissed.

  • Stimulate your brain and body by trying new activities that appeal to your sense of fun. Try hiking, photography, belly dancing, etc. I know someone who became a sculptor at the age of 63! Talk about physical activity.

  • Approach rehabilitation of an injury or recovery from an illness as part of the ebb and flow. Do what you can. Walk, swim, stationary bike. Just keep as active as you can while allowing your body to heal.

You’ll learn a lot about your body, it’s abilities and it’s challenges if you do this. And you’ll be better equipped to weather life’s ups and downs.

More than any other time in your life taking care of yourself now is about changing your lifestyle to be MORE active, not less and to being flexible, willing and able to adjust to changes that will inevitably come along.

Here’s to Your Moving Life!

In the comments below let me know what you’re doing to create a Moving Life and how it has changed your life.