1:1 Coaching Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between online coaching, hybrid and in-person coaching?

  • Online coaching is completely virtual. All workouts, nutrition lessons are delivered online and your progress is tracked via online software. You’ll have access to via email, text or through the tracking software. You’ll find package descriptions and fees above on this page.

  • Hybrid coaching involves meeting with me 1:1 for personal training. You’ll then use the internet for access to workouts and/or nutrition lessons between our meetings as well as for communication between in-person sessions. If this interests you, contact me for more information on pricing.

  • In-person coaching involves meeting with me for 1:1 personal training usually once a week. The rest is up to you! If this interests you, contact me for more information on pricing.



What are the advantages of online coaching?

  • Scheduling is not an issue.

  • You’ll get flexible workout programs tailored to your life.

  • It's cost effective. One month of online training is a fraction of the cost of weekly sessions with a trainer.

  • Ongoing support and accountability.

  • Access. Location is not a factor.



What will my workouts include?

  • Workouts are designed to address your individual needs and goals. I use Pilates-based exercise in combination with more traditional gym exercise and weight training to create well rounded, efficient and effective programs. I’m not a fan of boring, mindless, long workouts so you can expect your workouts to be challenging, fun and efficient.


  • You’ll need internet access and a computer or tablet ( a smartphone can work too ). Your workouts will be designed to take advantage of what you have available - gym membership, home equipment, outdoor access etc. You may need to invest in a few small pieces of exercise equipment to round out your workouts.

What equipment do I need to do online or hybrid fitness coaching?



Will you give me meal plans and lists of foods to buy?

  • The short answer is NO. Meal plans and food lists might work for the short term, but ultimately I want you to be able to make your own food choices and menus. It’s the old adage, “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, but if you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.” I’ll be teaching you to fish.



How do I decide which package is best for me?

  • Schedule a Discovery Phone Call with me. We’ll go over your goals and come up with a plan that makes the most sense for you. And you’ll get to see if we’re a good fit.



How do I know if your coaching is right for me?

  • On your journey to a healthier lifestyle you’ll need two things; self-love and self-discipline. I’m here to give you the tools, support and accountability you’ll need to be successful. You’ll do the work. It’s simple, not easy but so worthwhile. And I promise to make it fun along the way! If you’re looking for meal plans and overnight success, I’m not the coach for you. I believe in creating sustainable habit changes over time that result in a whole new way of living your life.